Happy Father's Day, Cap

Captain Hank Stanley of Station 51 in Los Angeles sat down to his desk early Monday morning. Taking a sip of his coffee, out of the corner of his eye he saw an envelope sitting on his typewriter. “Cap” was written on it, obviously in the handwriting of his Senior Paramedic, Roy DeSoto. He opened the letter, and found a couple of pages worth of writing.

Since its Father’s Day, we wanted to do a little something for you. You’ll understand the farther along you read. Well… here goes…
I’ve been working with you now for six years, and living in LA for ten. My family lives in Florida, so I don’t get to see my own Father much at all. Since I’ve met you, I’ve always felt close to you, as a father figure. We all do. You take authority with us, without being too much of a boss. You are the boss, but you don’t treat us as if we were lower than you since you’re the Captain. You established a relationship with us since the first day we began working together. I just wanted to say thanks, Cap, for always being there for all of us… all the time.

Hi Cap. As you know, I was raised in Mexico, so my family lives there. Like Mike, I have not seen my Father a long time either. You seem to fill that hole for me. You remind me very much of him, his heart is just like yours. Kind and loving. As Mike also said, you have a relationship with us that not many Captains have with their crew. You take the time to listen to us when something’s wrong, and help us when we need it. You are a Father to us, Cap, and we thank you for that.

Man, Cap, where do I start? You know me, “The Phantom”… I’m not too good with words, but I’ll give it a shot. I know I can be a jerk sometimes, always saying something dumb when I shouldn’t, hassling Gage all the time, not listening to you when you talk, but I don’t mean it in a bad way, Cap. I know there are a lotta times when you’d wanna kick my butt for it, and I don’t blame ya. You wouldn’t be much of a Father figure to me if ya didn’t, would ya? What I’m tryin’ to say, Cap, is that I’m sorry for all the times I’ve acted like a moron. I’ll try to do better, Cap, really, this time I mean it. Thanks for not kickin’ my butt!

Cap… you know I’m not too great at expressing my feelings. As your Senior Paramedic, I receive more responsibility from you than then other guys sometimes, and sometimes I’m not sure I can handle it. But, you are. You’re always sure about us. You never give us more to do than we can, even if we think it’s too much. Over the years, all of us have changed in some way. We’ve all grown more mature, and learned more in our line of work. The one who’s probably done the most over the past six years would have to be you, Cap. You’ve kept us all in place and done so much for us. To me, you are also like a Father… caring, thoughtful, and loving. Thanks, Cap, for everything.

How do I begin, Cap? You mean so much to me, as my Captain and one of my dearest friends. You know that my parents both died when I was just a little boy, so I barely knew my father. As the years ware on, the memory of both of them fades more and more. When I met you, the look in your eyes reminded me so much of my Dad. It still does… especially when you give me “The Look.” You have gained so much respect from me, which most people don’t get easily. Only a handful of people I can say I truly love and respect, and you, Cap, are on the top of that list. Thank you, Cap, for being there for me. Thank you for being my Father figure.

I guess what we’re all trying to say, Cap, is that we love you. We wouldn’t want any other Captain but you. Thanks!
Your Twits,
Mike, Marco, Chet, Roy, & Johnny

Folding the pages back and placing them back in the envelope, Hank walked over to the window. He looked out to see his crew all walking in towards the station laughing and joking with each other. He smiled when he thought of how much they loved him, and how much he loved them.
“My twits,” he smiled.



  1. I LOVE it! This was the perfect story for Father's Day! Each one of the boys said the perfect things! So glad you wrote this! Thank you for sharing it! <3

  2. @Sam
    Thanks so much! I am so glad you liked it!!

  3. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    LOVED IT, very funny!
    "My Twits"